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If you’re done with tirelessly working on your brand and website at all hours of the night, only to realize the next morning that you still feel like your brand doesn’t match up with the talent you have to offer the world…

brand bff!

a brand designer, the founder of South & Palm and your business’s new

I'm Kirsten

And I can be there for you to handle all those “crazy, last minute, your launch is tomorrow and you accidentally messed something up on your site and you need help like right now” mishaps. 

Can perfectly design brand assets for you that “wow” both you AND your ideal clients!

Act as your brand’s biggest cheerleader and confidant

Deeply understand your brand and can easily communicate your brand to others

Believe in your brand story and mission

as your brand bff, I...






interior designers


wedding professionals

etsy shops

who we've helped:

Some of you may still only know me as Kirsten Atkins... don't worry, it's still me behind this screen, I just went and got hitched to my amazing husband Logan! 

Right now, I'm probably glued to my computer screen, Illustrator open, mouse in hand, designing something totally awesome for one of my dreamboat clients. 

Tonight, you'll find me cuddling with my handsome husband and sweet dog scrolling through Pinterest or binging one of our favorite shows like Ozark and Killing Eve.

This weekend you'll find me by the water, craft cocktail in hand enjoying nice weather and even better friends or in my kitchen baking up something delicious.

And at any time, you can find me on Instagram @kirstenturkblog

i'm kirsten turk 

Writing songs, designing CD covers and setting up a “recording studio” in the basement when I was 10. And no, I can’t sing (didn’t realize that one until later in life LOL). 

age 10

Creating my own magazines complete with eye catching headlines on the front cover, advice articles and "celebrity" interviews when I was 12. 

age 12

Filming and editing silly movies, fashion shows and mystery series from the moment I got a hand-me-down video camera at age 6 until high school when I became “too cool” for that stuff. *insert eye roll here*

age 6+

Starting an Etsy shop when I was 17 called “Hairlets,” where I bought a bunch of wholesale elastic ribbon, cut and tied it up into hair ties that doubled as bracelets (and were super popular at the time) and packaged them in different color schemes with the cutest names.

age 17

Creativity and entrepreneurship has always flowed through my blood in different ways throughout my life;

A freshly poured cold brew as an afternoon pick-me-up
A 70 degree day with a cocktail in hand relaxing on a patio
My 95 pound goldendoodle Maui (featured above)
Phone-free time spent with my husband, friends and family
The smell of salt in the air from the ocean and sand between my toes
The occasional shopping spree (especially if it’s with my mom)

My fellow Swifties will get that reference. Aside from Taylor Swift, here are some other things that make my heart oh, so happy!

je suis calme!

All of this is probably what led me to the Journalism School at the University of Missouri where I received my bachelor’s degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications and a minor in Marketing.

While at school, I enjoyed design, copywriting and social media courses with the occasional wild card course (eh-hem… haunting and healing) and even a little French. 

university of missouri

Bachelor of Journalism

want to be one of those brands?

That is– designing a brand identity, developing a website, creating an online presence. So, instead of creating a thousand brands for the 1000 business ideas I'm bound to have that will just sit around looking pretty, why not help build 1000 brands for people like you.

it's building the brand behind it.

although the entrepreneurial spirit is very present within me, (I get new business ideas on the daily), I've realized my favorite part of any new idea I have isn't actually the business itself...

I started freelancing immediately after I graduated college in 2016. I was doing design work here and there, but most of my work back then was based in social media. My first job out of college was even doing social media for a small restaurant– the job was not what I expected (because they also had me doing all of their wholesale orders... yikes!), so I decided I was going to make freelancing work for me full-time. Since I was serving a lot of social media clients, in November of 2017, I decided to launch my own social media agency called Socially Boutique. 

After a little while, I felt burnt out and like I was missing a key piece to the puzzle. Sometimes I felt like I didn’t know my clients brand well enough to truly serve them in the ways I was wanting to and create the type of content that they needed. 

That’s what led me to what South & Palm is today and the structure of how I like to work with and serve my clients– 

First, I really get to know my client’s brand. I get to actually design their brand identity and strategy and create their website. Then after all that, I like to transition those clients into my monthly social media packages. It’s so much smoother because I know their voice, identity, values and all the things about their brand that would make for good social media content. If they already have those brand pieces in place, I now require a social media playbook which allows me enough time to really get to know their brand and develop a strategy before diving into content creation.

I felt like the name Socially Boutique no longer fit with the vision and new structure I had for my brand, and thus, South & Palm was born. 

My get-to-know-you first approach has allowed me to connect with my clients and their brands so that I can truly create a brand identity that brings their words and vision to life through design. I’ve been honored to work with clients such as Michelle Knight Co. of Brandmerry Coaching, successful Etsy shops like The Brunchin’ Pup and so many amazingly talented photographers and wedding professionals like Ariel Dilworth of Photos by Ariel. 

how south & palm came to be...

Maybe we’re creative soulmates? 

If you’ve made it this far… wow, I’m seriously impressed.

currently welcoming new clients for may 2020