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Custom Branding and Showit Web Design

recently Launched,
continuously celebrated.

- Lisa, adventuresandanxiety.com

"South & Palm NAILED the overall branding and "restyle" website design for my blog! From the color palette to the fonts to the logo, everything came together perfectly.

Kirsten is a wizard with all-things branding, and I literally show off my website to EVERYONE! Also, the logo she created was the perfect amount of me. Kirsten went above and beyond to bring my brand to life and I am forever grateful."

"Kirsten is a wizard with all things branding"

- Michelle Knight, michelleknight.co

"Where do I even start with my experience working with Kirsten and South & Palm. Kirsten GETS branding and that is coming from a Branding Mentor. What Kirsten is able to do with design, in terms of taking a bigger vision and inspiration and bringing it to life, is unlike any other. I love how in-depth her process is when it comes to branding. She truly wants to make sure you get your best work and that's why she's not only whom I trust, but whom I refer my clients to as well. I love her attention to detail and her desire to freaking get it right. If you're looking for someone who is going to do more than just create a logo and instead focus on designing a true work of art that is going to differentiate you from the crowd then Kirsten is your girl (not to mention she typically nails it on the first draft)! Hire her now!"

"Hire Her now!"

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