How to Get Started with Email Marketing for Your Business

How to Get Started with Email Marketing for Your Business

First things first, before you even get started with email marketing, you must have an email marketing platform. There are a lot of options to choose from, but we love, use and recommend Flodesk. It’s perfect for creatives, and so easy to get started. Get 50% off Flodesk by clicking here. We’ll even send you a free mini-course just for signing up with our link! Just send us an email at with the subject line “Flodesk Course,” and we’ll send it your way.

Email marketing and growing an email list is so important because you actually own the list, unlike your followers on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform. You can export your list and still have it even if all social media shuts down. The biggest thing most people struggle with when they start an email list is actually getting their target audience to sign up. And once they sign up, how do you convert those sign ups into sales?

We’re going to be answering those questions and more throughout this post making it super easy for you to get started with email marketing for your business.

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Learn how to get started with email marketing for your business on the South and Palm Blog | 3 steps to get started with email marketing, plus we share our all time favorite email marketing tool #emailmarketing #emailmarketingtips #gettingstarted


 1. Lead Magnet/Freebie

A lead magnet is how you’re going to get your target audience to actually sign up for your list. Lead magnets attract your audience by giving them a free resource in exchange for their email. It’s hard to get people to join your list without giving them an incentive, so create something that your ideal client is going to love! This can be a free video training, an e-book, a “how to guide,” an email course, etc. Make it something super enticing that not only gets your ideal client to sign up, but actually adds value to them once they open up the first email and incentive.

If you’re unsure of what to create, the best thing to do is to ask your audience. Put out a simple survey or even just use the question box on Instagram stories and ask them what they are wanting. You could even do a poll on Facebook or Instagram if you already have a couple ideas in mind.

Once you have your lead magnet created, you are going to need to create an opt-in form or landing page. Flodesk has lots of options and makes it so easy to design the perfect page, form or pop-up.

How to get started with email marketing for your business using South and Palm's favorite email marketing platform Flodesk.

2. Create an Email Sequence

It’s important to follow up with an email sequence to nurture your new lead. This should be 3-5 emails that you deliver after your new subscriber has opted in for your lead magnet. The first email should deliver the free gift. You can even share some bonus tips that go along with the lead magnet. The emails in between need to nurture your new lead and really build up that know, like and trust factor between you and your subscriber. Introduce yourself and your business or blog. Share some fun facts, tips and more. Show them you are an expert in your field early on.

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Here is an example of what a 5 email email sequence may look like:

Email #1: Welcome Email (Deliver Lead Magenet)

Email #2: Introduce yourself and your business

Email #3: Share tips on a topic your audience always ask you about (related to the original lead magnet)

Email #4: Share testimonials so your audience knows your the real deal

Email #5: The pitch (see below), or you can keep nurturing them with your weekly emails

3. Create Your Offer/Pitch (Sales Email)

You may have noticed that email #5 said “the pitch”. Why do you want people on your email list in the first place? To eventually turn them into clients/customers.

So the final step, and the last email in your email sequence, should be an offer/pitch. This can be a free client consultation, a course, your products or services, etc. Think about your end goal – what do you want them to ultimately do? For service providers, this is usually to book a call. For product based businesses, the end goal it to covert them into a customer.

This doesn’t have to be super salesy either. Maybe it’s just directing them to read a blog post, join your Facebook group or follow you on Instagram. Maybe it’s a discount code to your online shop or information on your course. Each email funnel will look a little different, so if you have a product or service that goes especially well with the lead magnet you created, that’s what you should offer in your final email. Once you become more advanced with your email marketing, there are so many things you can do here! You can spread the sales sequence over 3 or more emails instead of just one. You can tag people who clicked but didn’t buy and retarget them. There are so many options, and it can actually be kind of fun!

If you have any questions about email marketing, be sure to comment below. And don’t forget tograb 50% off your Flodesk subscription here.

Learn how to get started with email marketing for your business on the South and Palm Blog | 3 steps to get started with email marketing, plus we share our all time favorite email marketing tool #emailmarketing #emailmarketingtips #gettingstarted

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